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11 – 5

Ron Rogge’


9 – 6 – 1

Craig 562 774-6115

7 – 9

Bret Henrichsen 818-406-9153

4 – 11 – 1

Eddie Lache 818-521-8441

0 – 0

Looking for 5th Team


 DUE TO PLAYER AND PARK STAFF COMPLAINTS ABOUT GAMES RUNNING LATE, we’re enforcing game start times. It begins with players getting there ON TIME!!  Game 1 STARTS at  915am. Game 2 STARTS at  1045am!!

 There will now be a 10-minute Grace period, but if the games don’t start at 925am or 1055am, the team or BOTH teams if short of players will suffer a FORFEIT as far as official wins or loses. Games may still be played as Forfeited games, but any of these games being played in the 1st time slot, must STOP playing at 11am, ‘DROP DEAD’, no matter where they are in the inning or the game. This will allow the 2nd game to start on-time. No 1st game shall go on later than 11am, and NO NEW INNING can start after 1045am. In the 2nd game, we only have the field rented until 1230pm. Games should officially end then. If the mangers want to continue after that, and no park rental is waiting to use the field, it’s their choice to continue. To assist in getting games started or finished faster:

– A Home Team can surrender home field advantage, become the new “visitor team”, so they can bat offensively 1st, giving a little more time for late players to arrive. But once a team is on defense, they must have 7 of their own players, (including players not on another team’s roster) to start & play an official game.
In the 7th inning, IF THE VISITING TEAM IS UP BY 5 RUNS OR MORE, the managers CAN decide to “FLIP FLOP” the 7th inning, letting the Home team hit at the Top of the 7th Inning (Immediately after their ‘bottom of the 6th inning at-bats’). This could save a half-inning of playing time, especially if the lead wasn’t something they might not have over-come with those at-bats. But, If they do manage to tie or get a lead in the score, then the visiting team will still be able to bat at the bottom of the 7th inning.


GAME 1- 9:15AM Start Time

GAME 2- 10:45AM Start Time



Dirtbags (W) Hit Squad (L)

Hench (W) Rocco’s (L)

5th Team


Hit Squad (L) Roccos (W)

Hench (L) Dirtbags (W)

5th Team Team


Dirtbags (W) Roccos (L)

Henchmen (W) Hit Sq (L)

5th Team


Roccos (W) Dirtbags (L)

Hit Sq (W) Henchmen (L)

5th Team


Rocco (W) Hit Sq (L)

Dirtbags (L) Henchmen (W)

5th Team


Rocco’s (L) Henchmen (W)

Hit Sq (L) Dirtbags (W)

5th Team


Dirtbags (L) Henchmen (W)

Rocco’s (W) Hit Sq (L)

5th Team


Hit Sq (L) Henchmen (W)

Rocco’s (W) Dirtbags (L)

5th Team


Henchmen (W) Hit Sq (L)

Dirtbags (L) Roccos (W)

5th Team


Henchmen (L) Dirtbags (W)

Hit Squad (W) Roccos (L)

5th Team


Hit Squad (W) Dirtbags (L)

Rocco’s (L) Hench (W)

5th Team


Rocco’s (T) Hit Squad (T)

Dirtbags (W) Hench (L)

5th Team


Rocco (L)  Dirtbags (W)

Hit Sq (L) Henchmen (W)

5th Team


Dirtbags (L) Roccos (W)

Henchmen (W) Hit Sq (L)

5th Team


Hit Squad (L) Rocco’s (W)

Henchmen (W) Dirtbags (L)

5th Team


Henchmen (L) Rocco’s (W)

Dirtbags (L) Hit Sq (W)

5th Team


Henchmen v Dirtbags

Hit Squad v Rocco’s

5th Team


Henchmen v Hit Sq

Dirtbags v Rocco’s

5th Team


Hit Squad v Henchmen

Rocco’s v Dirtbags

5th Team



League Bye


Dirtbags v Henchmen

Rocco’s v Hit Squad

5th Team


4th Place v 1st place

3rd Place v 2nd Place



10am Championship

Special Time




  • Safety is the Number One concern!!
  • No Metal Cleats
  • Players to be 21 and Over
  • To avoid a Forfeit, a team must have 7 players** (or players NOT from another Sat morning team) & can borrow up to 3 other team’s rostered players without penalty. Opposing manager may allow a 4th or offer to catch for them.
  • Manager shall be the only person to DISCUSS , not ARGUE a disputed call with the umpire. Managers shall be responsible for insuring their players don’t get involved/argue with umpires or other players. (Please calm all parties down before discussions about disputed play).
  • Only 5 runs may be scored by team, per inning, thru the 1st 6 innings. From the 7th inning and any extra innings, scoring is unlimited.
  • Umpires shall only grant time-out during a play, once runners have stopped advancing & once a defensive player has the ball is in the infield, thus halting any advancing runners, or outs attempted.
  • Mangers will vote on any rule changes, and ALL managers to be included in the discussion, so they may contribute to the conversation. A majority must prevail.
  • Any disputed rules not covered in this list, shall be covered by ASA rules, or park rules.
  • Mangers shall be responsible for the monies paid to the park and balls purchased, on time. The park will not allow unpaid teams to play at all.
  • No extra foul balls after 2 strikes. Batter is out with a foul ball after 2 strikes.
  • If a batted ball hits trees which are growing in the field of play, on a fly, it’s an automatic home run. If a batted ball hits a tree growing in the foul territory of field 1, it’s a dead ball on contact with any part of the tree, and called foul. If part of the trees from foul territory are growing over, into the field of play, a batted ball that hits these are to be called a “dead ball” and the batter awarded a ground rule double.
  • The out-of-play areas are from the end of the fence to the 1st pole, then from that pole on, following an imaginary line from the foul line. Any batted foul ball cannot be caught for an out, just a foul ball. Any ball thrown by a defensive player into this area will result in a 2 base grant to the runners from the outfielder throw, and 1 base from an infielder throw. This is measured from when the ball was released, and where the runners were at that time.
  • Any ball caught in foul territory and “carried” by the defender into an out-of-play area, the “Catch and Carry” rule applies, granting base-runners one base from the previously held base.
  • The Original Grey Miken is the only bat not allowed in the league.
  • No runner shall touch or BE NEAR (crossing the angled line marked nearest to home plate) when trying to score. If so, they are OUT! (Even on a home run or bases loaded walk!) No contact with defensive player is to be made at home plate. That run will also not count upon doing so.
  • There’s a commit line between 3rd and home. Once the line is touched/over-run by the runner, the force play is on, and home plate is treated like a force at 1st base, even if the runner retreats to 3rd base, he’s out once the catcher touches home plate with the ball. Also, the catcher may NOT tag a runner who has crossed the commit line, and may only get an out if they step on Home Plate itself, prior to the runner stepping down onto or over the designated scoring line, to the right of home plate.
  • A batter running to 1st must tag the outside orange bag of the double base at 1st to avoid possible contact with the defensive player, when there’s a play at 1st. Runner maybe called out if failing to do this.
  • Runners must slide or “get out of the way” when the defense is trying to turn a double/triple play. If the umpire deems the runner did not try to do either, the automatic double/triple play may be called. A throw from the defender has to be made, in an attempt to make the out.
  • Runners may lead off after the pitcher releases a pitched ball. If they leave sooner, the pitch is called dead and the runner is out.
  • If a catcher or defensive player throws an pitched, but unbatted ball to another defensive player, who’s on the base behind a runner who is leading off, and base is touched before the runner returns, the runner is out. If the same thrown ball gets passed the fielding defensive player, all runners on-base may advance and the ball is considered live.
  • When runners are on base, any pitched ball that falls short of the plate, the pitch should be called dead by the umpire, and considered a ball. That ball cannot be used to throw runners out.
  • Courtesy runners can be once for a player who reaches base. No limit to runners used, but only one per each player. If a designated runner is put and then their spot in the batting order comes up while they are still on base, they are called OUT.
  • Only once per inning can the same player be used as a courtesy runner. This rule can be waived if the opposing manager agrees.
  • The slow-pitch arc height shall be between 6-16 feet. If not, the umpire may call the pitch illegal, if they believe the pitch is over or under those height requirements, it counts as a ball. However, a batter may still choose to hit an illegal pitch, and then the results are the same as if the pitch were legal… i.e. a hit, Out, Foul, or even a strike on a swing that misses.
  • The Pitcher may pitch from anywhere from the Pitching stripe, back to, but no more than 12′ of the rubber. BUT, one foot must remain in the width of the pitching stripe. No behind the back, or between the legs pitches are allowed, and will be called Balls if attempted.
  • Home Team is the Higher Seated Team, except in the Championship Game, when home team is called by the winner of the coin flip is used.
  • No Borrowed player can be used in the Play-Offs. (Unless both mangers agree)
  • Teams can ONLY use a team roster player. A Team Roster player is someone who has played a minimum 3 regular season games, for that team, that spring or fall season. (We’re trying to prevent the use of ringers and want the guys who got you there, play….!)

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